Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stay classy, Philadelphia.

Ha! Check these out: KYW Eyewitness News promos from the late ‘70s. Just outstanding. Enjoy.


Jerry Aldini said...

"KYW News.
Boogie nights at 6:00."

Just priceless. The fake Phillie and Eagle are really convincing, assuming both teams play their home games in Fairmount Park. Not to mention the doctor who doesn't know how to put stethoscope earpieces into his ears.

All the non-station folks just scream "hey, we'll pay you $25 if you put on this outfit and go stand over there."

Evidently, "credibility" wasn't seen as something you'd want to convey about a news broadcast?

Frank the Insider said...


You also have to love the sexual allusions via strawberry.

There's another batch of these spots on YouTube, one of which includes a rare Dick Standish appearance. I love Standish. Seriously, I could watch him all day. Why doesn't he have his own cable access channel?

Jerry Aldini said...

Dick is indeed outStandish! And don't overlook Dick Sheeran. He's the only guy in these still working this market. Hell, he might be the only one still alive.

A friend of mine was in the graphics department at KYW News during their heydey. One election night (which everybody hates working, of course), there's some big snafu while they're on-air. During the cut to network, Jessica Savitch comes backstage, screaming like a banshee.

As my friend TK puts it. everybody looks up, shrugs, takes a bite of their donut, and goes back to whatever they'd been doing. He said that years later, when the news flash came that she'd died, this was the first thought that came to his mind.