Wednesday, October 15, 2008

“Funny or die”? Rest in peace, then.

That smoking chick from Heroes is featured in a new pro-Obama pseudo-PSA.

Hey, I hate John McCain as much as any pinko Lefty, but...come on. This is just lousy work. What’s funny about this spot? Moreover, what is its comic device? It’s not irony (unless merely saying negative things with a positive tone of voice counts). There’s sarcasm, sure, (See, I was just sarcastic there, and it wasn’t funny.)

Anyway, now that we’ve seen that awesome Sarah Silverman jawn, maybe all these quasi-celebs should just leave well enough alone. The good work has been done.


Jerry Aldini said...

Hot chick says "fuck" a few times. Nowadays, that counts as an idea. I've never seen/likely won't ever see Heroes. Please tell me they don't use the Bowie song for the opening.

steve_copywriter said...

What a heaping pile of shit. First off, if anyone's voting is swayed by the opinion of ANY celebrity, from this blonde twit to Oprah, they should have their voting rights evoked. Secondly, I agree with you. It's just not fucking funny. At all.