Monday, September 22, 2008

Worst. Agencies. EVER.

Hot off the news wire:

Andrew Fishman just jumped to the Archer Group (Wilmington, DE) as their new VP of Client Services. He had been at Digitas for all of two years. And before that, a short stint at Refinery.

Michael Scott -- no, not the idiot from The Office; I’m talking ‘bout the local pharma CD -- jumped from Digitas (where he’d been for about a year) to Refinery (ditto)...and then back to his old job at Harte-Hanks.

I can name about four or five similar scenarios featuring these two agencies. As if they each have an enormous revolving door on a well-greased axle.

So my question: Are Digitas and Refinery, like, officially the two worst fucking places to work if you’re an area pharma marketer?


Nevermore said...

If you're going to make suppositions and rip on agencies, at least get your shit straight. Refinery is no longer. They were bought out by G2/WPP last winter. Just about all creative comes out of Manhattan; strong tech back end works out of Hatboro.

Frank the Insider said...

Is. Was.

You're gonna get ornery over a verb tense?

I'm making a supposition that the place probably sucked to work at.

You have anything else enlightening to bring to the conversation, jackass?

Jerry Aldini said...

Bottom line, Refinery is no more. So, if Frank "rips on" them, they're not there to hear the tree fall in the woods, so to speak. No harm, no foul, in my book.

For what it's worth, G2 was hunting for CDs and Assistant-Undersecretary CDs and whatnot for Hatboro a few weeks ago. (And given that the "G" stands for "Grey," isn't "G2" just another way to say "dark grey?" Or perhaps "none more grey?")

Frank: Far be it from me to defend the agencies in question, but can you vouch for this "Mr. Scott," as you call him? Any culpability on his part in these shenanigans?